Train to Teach

Each year the youth camp teams distribute Bibles to every person in camp. Bibles go into homes that may not have ever held a Bible. These families are gaining the message God intended for everyone, everywhere.

The same youth camp teams are also asked to teach Bible-based character traits to build a stronger future for Ukraine.

Once you become a youth camp member, you will receive an intensive 2-day weekend team training in the Spring. The event is designed to equip , prepare and encourage team members to teach Bible classes for elementary, middle or high school students.

The training includes all aspects of the trip, from details about the camp, the trip to Ukraine and its culture, even learning a little Ukrainian and everything in between. You will also attend regular team meetings to help you prepare lessons, crafts, skits, songs, and games for camp. If you live in an area that’s outside of the primary home city, you can still participate through email, phone calls and internet messaging. Many of our teammates gather from different cities and states.

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