Trip Information 

The time and funds needed to go:

  • Time: 2 – 3 weeks. Camp sessions last 18 to 21 days throughout the summer beginning the first of June through the end of August.
  • Funds: Approximately $3,500 – $4,500 per person (expenses will fluctuate) This amount provides for you and your interpreter:
    • Your Roundtrip international airfare/ Interpreters in country train fee.
    • Your lodging during international travel
    • Ukraine in-country travel, lodging and meals for you both.
    • At-camp costs of camp stay for you both.
    • Interpreter expenses
    • Crafts and teaching materials required at camp
    • Miscellaneous Ukraine in-country expenses

Additional personal costs associated with trip:

  • Passport
  • Recommended inoculations
  • Travel to Team Training
  • Meals to and from Ukraine
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance (optional)
  • Extra food, drinks, souvenirs, sight-seeing expense.

Variables affecting team cost:

  • Number of team members and team interpreters
  • US Departure location
  • Ukraine camp location
  • Number of campers at camp
  • Number of days the team is in Ukraine
  • Daily cost at camp (varies per camp)

BEYM will manage:

  • Arranging interpreters
  • Arranging in-country travel and lodging options
  • Arranging a camp for each team

BEYM will provide:

  • Training for team members and team leaders (exclusive of transportation)
  • Curriculum guidelines and resources for teaching at camp.
  • Bibles and Bible related materials for all campers and staff will be provided by EEM free-of-charge.

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